Cultural Council

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The Fitchburg Cultural Council meets on a monthly basis from 4:30-5:30 PM.

Purpose and Responsibilities

The Fitchburg Cultural Council is committed to supporting diverse and inspiring programs for its residents. These programs: arts, science and humanities provide cultural enrichment in the everyday lives of our community. We serve as a conduit for conveying artistic and culturally based activities through community programs and grant solicitation. The selection of recipients and awarding of funds for grant recipients is primarily made possible from resources from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as fundraising endeavors and other charitable donations. 

Current Commissioners

  • Tamar Russell Brown (Chairperson)
  • Audrey Pendleton-Chow (Co-Chair, Administrator)
  • James Craigen (Treasurer)
  • Eileen Berger (Grant Coordinator, Co-Treasurer)
  • Claudia Stephens (Publicity Co-Chair)
  • Matthew Bruun 
  • Jessie Olson 
  • Miriam Ruiz
  • Casandra Taylor 
  • Leona Whetzel 
  • Joseph Bowen (Ex-Officio)
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Buscando: Artistas • Estudiantes • Contadores • Multilingües 

¡Y cualquier persona interesada en involucrarse con las artes y la cultura en nuestra comunidad! Asista a nuestras reuniones mensuales que están abiertas al público. Envíenos un correo electrónico hoy a para obtener más información.